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Does OneNote have to use Microsoft's email for accounts?

OneNote allows sharing of notebooks with people who have various types of email accounts, not just Outlook or Gmail. You can share a OneNote notebook with anyone if they have a Microsoft account, which can be created with any type of email address, including university or work emails. Generally involves sending an invitation to the email address of the person with who you want to share the notebook.

Sending an Invitation:

You can send an invitation to any email address. The recipient will receive a link to access the OneNote notebook.

Microsoft Account Requirement:

To edit and collaborate on the notebook, the recipient will need to sign in with a Microsoft account. If their university or work email is not already associated with a Microsoft account, they can create one using that email address.

Access Levels:

When you share the notebook, you can set permissions to determine if the recipient can edit or only view the notebook.

Using OneNote:

Once the recipient has a Microsoft account, they can use OneNote for the web or the OneNote desktop app to access the notebook.

Educational and Corporate Accounts:

Many educational institutions and corporations have their own Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) subscriptions, which include OneNote. Users with these accounts can also be added to share a OneNote notebook.

Microsoft Account Associations:

If the user's email is already linked to a Microsoft account (like many university accounts that use Microsoft's services), they can directly access the shared notebook without needing to create a new account.
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