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2018.4.19, Shared Single Page Feature is Being Removed from OneNote for Windows 10

Apr 19, 2018, OneNote Team announce remove the shared single page feature from OneNote for Windows 10 (UWP).
Shared Links to Single Page in OneNote for Windows 10
Explain from OneNote Team:
OneNote Team (Admin, OneNote Team) responded  ·  Apr 19, 2018

Shared Links to Single Pages of Notes is being removed

We recently removed the ability to share single pages of notes. The previous single-page sharing implementation from personal OneDrive notebooks was our initial attempt to begin building out the larger feature set. However, this first step didn’t satisfy the needs of our customers and, compared to full notebook sharing, usage of the limited page sharing feature was very low. The technical path we need to take to build out the full OneNote page sharing experience requires us to deprecate the previous functionality until comprehensive work on these feature improvements can be completed.

What happens to page links that I’ve already shared with other people?

Previously shared links to single pages of notes will automatically expire as of June 15, 2018. After this date, recipients of shared page links will no longer be able to view these pages, unless a recipient has already been given access to the full notebook containing a previously shared page. Notebook owners can restore access to any previously shared pages by newly sharing the full notebook with collaborators. Alternately, you can create a separate notebook that contains copies of only those pages that you want to share, and then invite others to that separate notebook.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this feature deprecation may cause.

For more information, please go to this support article titled – Share a page of notes or an entire notebook from OneNote for Windows 10.

To resolve OneNote single or multiple page sharing, Gem team develop OneReader addin. Use index page to share multiple pages of multiple notebooks.