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How to Export a OneNote Notebook as a Local onepkg Package for Backup or Migration Notes?

Windows Office OneNote 2010, 2013, 2016, 2021 provides many local features.
One of them is to export your notebook as a .onepkg package to store locally, use to copy or migrate to another computer.

Export Notebook to OneNote onepkg Package

Follow steps:
  1. In Office OneNote, on the ribbon, click “File” tab.
  2. Click “Export”
  3. In “1. Export Current:” : Choose “Notebook”
  4. In “2. Select Format:” : choose “OneNote Package (*.onepkg)
  5. Finally, click “Export” button
  6. After specifying a folder on your local hard disk, OneNote will package the current notebook into a .onepkg file and save it locally.
With a .onepkg file, you can copy it to another computer, open it with Office OneNote, and import it into that computer's OneNote.
Export Notebook to OneNote onepkg Package
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