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EXE: OneNote cannot create a new notebook at: Possible reasons include:


In OneNote 365, on personal OneDrive, when create a new notebook, the following error occurs:

OneNote cannot create a new notebook at:^.Documents/aaa/
Possible reasons include:
- The specified location is not available.
- You do not have permissions to modify the specified location.
- The path or notebook name contains invalid characters.
- The combined path and notebook name exceeds the maximum path length.
Adjust the path and notebook name, and then try again.

How to solve it?

Cannot create new OneNote due to account reasons.


In fact, in addition to the above reasons. There is another reason:
Is that the account that OneNote is logged into has been decoupled from the


1. An exclamation point has appeared for the account, which has been clearly decoupled from the You will need to log back into your account.
2. There is no exclamation point in the account, but a fork appears in the notebook sync state.


Accounts and decoupling states require a re-login to the account.
Without logging into your account, errors can occur with all network-related actions.

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