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How to Moving the End of a Line Smoothly when Drawing a Line Shape in OneNote?


In OneNote, when you use a straight line shape, the end of the line always wants to move to a point.
The end of the line always jumps to a point.
Can you let it not jump, but smoothly reach a point I want?


By default, OneNote 2016 is snap to grid when draw a line.
This means that when you use shapes, OneNote is snap to the grid line by default. This is why it jump not moving soothly.
In “Draw” tab -> “Shapes” group -> draw down menu -> Uncheck “Snap to Grid”.
Then, when you draw a line, the end moves smoothly to a point instead of jumping to fit the grid line.

Another Way:

You also don't need to disable “Snap to Grid”.
Hold down the Alt key of the keyboard. You can then move the end of the line smoothly.
Turn off shape snap to grid in OneNote so that when you draw a line, the end point is smoothly aligned to a point.
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