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Why aren't Some Fonts Working in OneNote? But Work in Word.


I have installed a font. This font is available in Word and other software. But I don't know why, it doesn't work in OneNote.


After trying to install some fonts, it was found that OneNote only supports TTF fonts and OTF fonts.
This should be related to OneNote's cross-platform needs.


Common font file suffix formats are TTF and OTF:
The most commonly used font formats in Windows and Mac systems are characterized by contour-based fonts defined by a mathematical pattern, which makes them easier to process than vector-based fonts and ensures screen and printout consistency. At the same time, these fonts, like vector fonts, can be scaled and rotated at will without fear of jagged teeth.
OpenType is a font developed jointly by Microsoft and Adobe, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer all use this font. Committed to replacing TrueType fonts.