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Some Text in OneNote Suddenly Changed to Blue Background, How Get Rid of Them?


Some of the text in OneNote suddenly change to blue background, how do I get rid of them?


OneNote text appears blue background, which only appears in shared notebooks (online notebooks). It doesn't appear in local notebooks.
This blue background is a special feature of OneNote.
At the same time, accompanying the page in the page list pane is bold also,
Not only that, its section and notebook are bold too.
The text blue background indicates that the page has been modified by someone else. Remind you to check it out.


Method 1: After clicking on the page, press Ctrl-Q and the blue background will disappear.
Method 2: After clicking on the page, on the right-click menu of the page list, click menu item “Mark as Read”.
Method 3: In the OneNote ribbon -> History tab -> Unread Group -> Mark as Read.
If you don't want this notebook to show these blue backgrounds in the future, you can uncheck "Show Unread Changes in This Notebook"

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