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OneNote 2010: Connecting to, No certificate available

Just installed Office 2010, and pop up follow message in OneNote 2010:
Windows Security
Connecting to
Select a certificate
No certificate available
No certificates meet the application…

How to fix it?
OneNote Connecting to No certificate available
This is because Office 2010 certificate is expired.
And Microsoft has release kb2760386 to fix this issues at 2012.10.30.

Check your office version. It is very old version: 14.0.4760.1000
Office 14.0.4760.1000
Go to the Windows Control Panel - 'Windows Update' - select 'Change Settings' from the menu on the left. From the drop-down menu, select 'Install Updates Automatically'. To enable Window install all updates automatically, it maybe fix this issues.

Currently, Office 2010 version is 14.0.7192.5000.
Currently, Office 2010 version is 14.0.7192.5000.
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