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Microsoft banned backup shared notebooks from OneNote for Windows, Mac, IPad, IPhone, Android, Online and OneDrive

I cannot find any backup or export feature in my OneNote. How to backup notebooks from OneDrive?
  • OneNote for Windows 8,
  • OneNote for Windows 10,
  •  OneNote for Mac,
  • OneNote for IPad,
  • OneNote for IPhone,
  • OneNote for Android,
  • OneNote Online,
  • OneDrive
None of them have the ability to operate a local notebook. Also, they all cannot backup the notebooks saved in

Even if you can back up, you also cannot restore them.

Backup Notebook Saved in
Only traditional desktop OneNote in the Office on Windows system, has the ability to operate local notebooks. It can backup the notebooks saved in, it also can export and import the notebooks saved in
OneNote Backup
OneNote Backup
OneNote Export
OneNote Export
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