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Clip to OneNote for Mac Safari

After Microsoft publish OneNote for Mac, next Microsoft release an OneNote Clipper, it can lets you save webpages from Mac Safari into your OneNote notebook.

How to install OneNote Clipper to Mac Safari web browser

  1. Use Mac Safari navigate to "Clip to OneNote" web page.
  2. Drag the "Clip to OneNote" button to Mac Safari bookmarks bar.
How to use the "Clip to OneNote" in Mac Safari

  1. Just simple click the "Clip to OneNote" on Mac Safari bookmarks bar. 
  2. Sign in your OneNote with account.
    ( Another tools - Bring to Mac OneNote don't need sign in )
  3. Next click the "OneNote Icon" after "Page clipped to".

It will send current web page as a large image into "Quick Notes" section of OneNote Web App.
With this simple tools, you can send any web page to OneNote now.

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