OneNote Gem Add-Ins

What is OneNote?

OneNote gather, organize, search and share ideas, thoughts, clippings, lists, projects, meeting notes, lectures, references, event plans, instructions, journal, etc, etc, etc.
Gather, organize, and search
  • Organize page tabs better:
    ○ Multi-level subpages
    ○ Collapse subpages
  • Jump to any page with a quick search 
  • Dock to Desktop
  • Link to other notes, like a wiki
  • Quick Styles for making headings
  • Auto-link notes to Web pages and documents
  • Insert Math
  • Notes on Outlook Tasks

Send content to any section in OneNote
Sharing and universal access
  • Access from anywhere:
    ○ Share on the Web
    ○ View and edit in a browser
    ○ Sync notes to OneNote Mobile
  • Share notes:
    ○ Unread changes are highlighted
    ○ See author initials
    ○ Version history
    ○ Find recent edits
    ○ Find edits by author
    ○ Faster sync with SharePoint
What are all the tabs?
OneNote at Work
OneNote at Home
OneNote at School
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