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  • How to moving note container in mobile OneNote?

    2019-11-26 15:19:09

    How to moving note container in mobile OneNote?...

  • How do You Delete a Notebook in IOS OneNote?

    2019-11-26 15:19:09

    Question: Can I delete a notebook in IOS OneNote? ​ Answer: You cant delete a notebook in OneNote ( Any versions ). You just can close a notebook, but you cannot delete a notebook in OneNote. You must login to to delete a not...

  • Why OneNote has issue after update IOS, Android System?

    2019-11-26 15:19:09

    ​Question: Why the OneNote cause the issues after update IOS to new version? Answer: This is because the OneNote latest version still unable to support the new IOS system. Solution: Method 1. Update the OneNote to latest version to check...